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21 Day Fix, Day #21: Le Fin

I’m typing this around noon on the last day of my 21 Day Fix journey. I don’t even like writing that word ‘journey’ for this. On the surface, I don’t feel like I have gone on a journey. I haven’t gone anywhere in any traditional sense. My emotions and intelligence haven’t altered in any significant way. There has been no magnificent change in my life.

Or has there?

Look, here’s the deal:

This has been tough. I have discovered, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I do not like to exercise. My endorphins don’t pop as I do it. I don’t look forward to the 30 minutes of intensity provided by Autumn Calabrese everyday. I do, however, enjoy eating healthy. That is something I wasn’t sure I could get down with. Yet here I am, taking photos of my healthy food and being all full when I eat. It’s crazy. So I guess in that regard, I’ve gone on some kind of a journey. And, as for the exercise, just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I’m kind of digging the results.

I’m taking a break tomorrow though. Probably the next day too. In fact, you’re probably not going to hear a lot from me for a week or so. 

I have some relaxing to do.

21 Day Fix, Day #20: The Penultimate Chapter

  1. last but one in a series of things; second to the last

So this is it. I’m almost done. As I type this I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. I am less than 48 hours away from completing a workout program. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I’ve never done that before . . . . That was a little joke. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog then you know I’ve never done anything like this before. Sure, last year I did the T25 workouts with my wife, but I didn’t follow the meal plan or anything like that.

Maybe that is why I didn’t lose much weight . . . ?

As many of you know, this final week in the 21 Day Fix you’re supposed to do two workouts a day. Well, I did it. Every damn day. Usually, I did one workout in the morning with my wife then one in the afternoon when I returned home from work. Sometimes with her, sometimes not. This morning I did it differently. I did both workouts in the morning. I did the one Autumn Calabrese dubbed Dirty 30–or one of the numerous writers I’m sure Beachbody employs in some capacity . . . .

I wonder if I can get a job there . . . ? Somebody get on that for me. I bet those people make tons of money and their own hours. Who doesn’t want that?


That Dirty 30 is a hard one. Then I followed it up with the Flat Ab Fix. Now, before I take my kids to visit their grandparents for the day (where my mom will harangue me about not eating her food) I’m going to go ahead and die.

21 Day Fix, Day #19: Multi-Tasking

Let me tell you about my day. First, I woke up at 5am. I let my dogs outside so they could take care of their morning necessaries. Then I took care of mine. Following that, I dressed for the cardio fix workout. I did the workout. I made my kids’ lunches. I made my coffee. I showered. I got ready for work. My wife and I made our kids’ breakfast. We woke up the kids. I ate breakfast with the kids.

I got the kids off to school. I went to work. I worked all day. I went home. 





I fixed my supper. I ate. I showered again.






I helped my incomparable co-worker, Julie Rowse, set up this

Right now we are live streaming our high school’s football game. She’s in the press box with some students. I’m in our office looking at the computer screen and helping correct angles, level, etc. I’m also writing this because I would never forget my tens of fans who want to read my blog, despite all of the multi-tasking I be doing.


21 Day Fix, Day #18: What’s Normal?

I have big plans for Monday (the day after my 21 Day Fix adventure is over). The first thing I’m going to do is not workout. The second thing I’m going to do is not go to work. After that, it gets kind of hazy . . . .

I guess my plans aren’t that big. Maybe it’s just that I can’t think straight since I’ve been doing two workouts a day for four days now. Everything is exhausted and all of my muscles hurt.

Is that normal, Autumn Calabrese?

I hope so, otherwise I’m worried.

21 Day Fix, Day #17: Bucket List

I’ve never liked the idea of bucket lists. I find them morbid, too focused on death, you know? So I’ve never made one. Sure, there are things I want to do before I die. I’d like to see Paris and Tokyo. I’d like to go to the ocean again. If I’m dreaming, I’d be a part of the first group of people to colonize Mars. If I could ride my motorcycle all over the Western Hemisphere, I would simply be delighted. Oh, let’s go ahead and put Burning Man on this list . . . . Flipping through the first issue of Action Comics  would be the coolest thing ever–not a reprint, the original. I’m sure there’s more . . . . Meeting Stan Lee would be the bee’s knees. Seeing one of my books become a movie . . . whoa . . . that would be awesome. This list keeps getting bigger.


So yeah, in some sense, I guess I do have a bucket list.

I realized today that competing a serious workout regiment is on that bucket list.

Guess what?

I’m a few days away from checking that off.

Hell yeah.

21 Day Fix, Day #16: 20/15 Plus a Plug

Today, my doctor gave me an official clean bill of eye health. Plus, he also said I have  20/15 vision. Not even two workouts and an absence of beer and donuts from my life can diminish that fact. It’s something to celebrate. Basically, for the first time in my life, I can see, like, better than average. I’ve worn glasses from the time I was four years old to last December when I got lasik surgery.

That feels good.

You know what else feels good?


Autumn, naturally, brings this to you. I edited it. There’s also an excerpt in it from my upcoming novel, The ABCs of Dinkology 2: Time In-Between. I’m going to read my copy with my new super eyes. Did I mention I have 20/15 vision for the first time in my life?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.24.10 PM

Oh! But I’ve been blogging about the workouts, haven’t I?

They’re still hard. And yes, I’m still doing two a day . . . .

And I let my music play on shuffle while I did my second workout. Here is the last song that played as the time ran out on the 30 minutes of pain.

That is poignant.


21 Day Fix, Day #15: Two workouts?!?!?

This can’t be serious. 

But look.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.01.38 PM

Do you see that last week? Do you see it? Do you fucking see it? That’s right. Two workouts per day. Two! Not one! Two! What the hell, Autumn Calabrese? Can’t I look as good as you (obviously, you know, the male equivalent) without having to workout all that much? It’s all about the food, isn’t it? 

Le sigh.

It’s whatever. I’ve been doing this for two weeks straight with only one minor deviation. I’m not about to throw in the towel at this point. And seriously, I don’t know how much I weigh . . . exactly. I don’t know what I look like to other people and frankly, I don’t much care as long as I’m happy and healthy. But I have that luxury being a man in our society–don’t get me started on a feminist rant.


I’m going to maintain the 21 Day Fix for the final week not to “get that body I always wanted.” I’m going to maintain it because when I make a commitment I stick to it, especially a commitment to my wife. I told her I was going to do this with her and, by God, I’m going to do this with her.

I think she’s pretty cool.

Today too, I get to balance out all this horrible, horrible exercise not with horrible, horrible food (for me), but with this: 

I have chills. Seriously.


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