2012 Project 366: Stueve Music Day #145

Thursday May 24

Temple of the Dog – “Hunger Strike” from Temple of the Dog, 1991

I was reminded of this song the other day when I watched We Bought a Zoowhich is a far better film than I thought it would be. This song is on the soundtrack and when I heard it playing through an emotional scene I was rushed back to my 14th year when, for Christmas, my parents bought me the Temple of the Dog cassette and Stephen King’s The Stand (among other things). I listened to the cassette over and over, while reading The Stand. It was a perfect match and I found myself  encased  in the grunge super group’s sound while one of Mr. King’s most terrifying pieces of work warped my little mind.

This song sticks out as the most memorable on the album. It may be that it was the only one that became a pop hit, so there was a time that it was everywhere, it may be that it is their best song. I don’t know, like I’ve said before, I’m no critic. However, I like it, a lot and not just because the music is a perfect embodiment of the grunge sound, not just because the lyrics have that liberal, socially aware frustration at the status quo that many of us possess, but because it takes me back to a time before I became so cynical, a time when I thought real change was possible.

Now I’m not so sure.


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