Chasing Magic… A Giveaway of Sorts

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I know I’ve been pretty much gone from the blogosphere for the last few months. To those of you who read regularly, I’m sorry. I have had other matters to attend to since November, some good, some not so good. But attending to them I am.

One of those good matters is the anthology Chasing Magic from the CW Publishing House. The book, which includes my short story, “Unicorn Music,” will be released this Saturday for only 99 cents (for a limited time). Incidentally, I wrote about “Unicorn Music” months ago in this post. Anyway.

There’s an online release party for Chasing Magic over at Facebook and you’re all invited. Go here to tell the fine folks at CW you’ll be there. I’ll be hosting the online party from 1:00-1:30pm CST, answering questions, showing off my internet presence and skillz (z intended, duh), giving away a handful of autographed, paperback copies of my sci-fi/horror/dystopian novel Former. The reviews say it’s pretty good. I think you might like it. I think you might like Chasing Magic too. It’s not just a good book filled with fantastical tales of daring-do though.


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This event CW has put together sounds fun, but not just because I’ll be there. It includes the chance to do a little back-and-forth with many of the other contributors, organizers, and editors on the book as well as the chance to win some cold, hard cash. That’s right, money. It makes the world go round, you know.

From the event page:

You can meet all the authors and organizers. Read mini interviews and learn about other what other things we are all involved in. There will be numerous giveaways, not to mention THREE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAYS – A $50/$30/$10 Amazon Gift Card.

To enter the giveaway, just attend the event and upload your purchase receipt in the comments. So, for only 99c you have 3 chances to win a prize. 1st Prize – $50, 2nd Prize – $35, 3rd Prize – $20. Double entry for those that also place a review on amazon for one of the stories featured.

Grand Prize Giveaway’s will close 48hrs after the event starts to allow time for reviews and subsequent double entries. Names will be announced on this event page and the winners will be also be contacted directly.

So head on over to that Facebook page and sign up for the party/giveaway/thing. It’ll be fun.

Stories and birthdays and poems . . . and books . . . oh my

It’s been a pretty solid couple of weeks for me. My yearbook staff at Bellevue West High released another successful annual. Want to know something I haven’t mentioned? The book pictured below marks the first time since I took over yearbook production five years ago that the journalism department is financially in the black. Since I inherited a five-figure debt along with the yearbook, this is kind of a big deal.

2016 Bellevue West High Yearbook
Look upon my work, ye mighty and despair.

Also, about a week ago, Picaroon Poetry published my poem “Strange Baby Days” in their second issue. You can check out the digital magazine here. It comes highly recommended . . . by me.

To top off this month of publications, MidAmerican Fiction & Photography was kind enough to see something worth publishing in my short story, “Jack in the Box.” With an editorial intro that reads: “This is one of those stories every editor wants to see. One that grabs us and interests us from start to finish. You are going to like this one,” I can’t help but be proud of this little guy. I hope you read it and like it too. It has meth and dinosaurs, what more could you want from a story set in the Midwest?

Finally, today is Memorial Day, which is a big deal. It’s a significant holiday for the United States and I’m glad we have it. I’m not as well versed in its history or importance. The great writer, Julie Rowse, is. You can check out some of her thoughts on it here.

Coincidentally, this year Memorial Day is also my daughter, Addisyn’s, birthday. She’s 11. I made this for her. It is inspired by The New York Time’s “One in 8 Million” project.

So yeah, I have had some good times recently and I like to share them. I hope you enjoy the poem, story, and video too. I’m sorry, Internet, we only published 750 yearbooks. There aren’t enough for you guys. Maybe next year!